Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August Birthdays

A very "Happy Birthday" to the following team members for the month of August!

8: HawaiiPaperParty, InspiredTales 
9: OzarkLakeBakes
10: Krystalsjewelndesign
11: Brownleeartstudio 
26: ProximityInfatuation 
31: PursuitofLight

Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Birthdays

Team Jenuine would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the follow team members for the month of July!

2: Chapletsnsuch
3: ParadiseJewelryofCP
4: ElenasBows, GypsyJean
8: IndulgencebyMJ, pinkxopurple
10: Ribbonandmore (NOW bluemoonbeadsandmore) 
19: princesskaties 
20: Kelathcreations 
22: ACharmingTime
23: AnythingInBetween, EclecticHappiness
25: twolightsabovethesea
28: orangejuiceboutique

Shop of the Week - WowWeeCreations

Today I bring to you another awesome shop called WowWeeCreations run by Ken and Donna. This shop carries great variety. It has a lot of wooden items, but also has crocheted items, and even jewelry! Definitely a unique and lovely shop. Check out my fave items from the shop!

I really like this "LOVE" wooden plaque! This shop definitely specializes in wooden items, but this one definitely caught my eye. Not only because of the LOVE written on it, but because of the beautiful design that surrounds it. Great item!

This necklace is definitely unique in a lovely way. It has a gem pendant, which is gorgeous, but it also has a wooden backing. I love that!

This dog is SO cute! I told you they had variety! This is one of the crocheted items featured in this shop. I also love the color on this dog.

I wanted to pick another wooden item, so here is a hearts coaster set. I not only love this design, but wooden coasters... how neat is that? And don't worry, they are waterproof. That makes it even better, and a lot more functional.
So want to know more about this great shop? Check out the interview:
Q: How long have you been on the Jenuine BNR Team?
A:We have been on the Jenuine BNR TEAM since Feb. 2013.

 Q: Give a description of your shop.
A: Our shop sells handmade unique wooden home decor items such as birchbark wooden baskets, bowls, trinket boxes, coasters, and pyrographed ornaments. We also have crochet hats, cowls, soap cozies, amigurimi toys, as well as some glass arrowhead and wooden jewelry. We enjoy the variety of making things.

Q: How did your shop have it's start?
A: First of all, Ken made birch bark items that sold in some of the tourist shops in Fairbanks Alaska, where we lived. Then he made some baskets for weddings and even a funeral. Donna loved making crochet items for family and friends and charity, but wanted a way to sell her items too. We moved to Idaho and sold some things at craft fairs but discovered Etsy, and that's how we started our store-WowWeeCreations.

Q: What inspires you and your shop?
 A:What inspires us are geometric shapes, nature, art, museums, old artifacts, magazines, and fiber art photos. 
Don't forget to check out WowWeeCreations!
Kelly Michelle

Monday, June 10, 2013

Shop of the Week - Fun Burst Party and Gift

Today we are spotlighting Joanna from FunburstPartyandGift! At first look at her shop, you can definitely see the shop goes with the name. There are so many bright and colors that really pop! Any of Joanna's pieces would be great for your party! She carries centerpieces, banner, badges, and so much more to make your party fun and creative. Check out my favorite items from her shop!

I love these flip flop centerpieces! Just in time for summer, they would make any party more fun, especially because they come with 10 individual party favors! How awesome is that! :)

Aren't these floral fairy wands adorable? Any party princess would just love these I am sure!

Here is a beautiful get well banner, which reads "spread sunshine". I really love this. It is super sweet. I like all the cute little embellishment all along the banner, too.
Here are some questions Joanna answered:
Q: How long have you been on the Jenuine BNR Team?
A: It was one of the first teams I joined when I started listing on Etsy last year.

Q: Give a description of your shop.
A: Funsburst has party decorations and unique gift items for special occasions. My flagship product is a personalized party centerpiece complete with individual favors to distribute to party guests.

Q: How did your shop have it's start?
A: I enjoy making all kinds of items and I also enjoy decorating the house and having guests over for a celebration. One day I was experimenting with craft foam and came up with the Funburst design. I thought it was so cute and festive, I wanted to share it with other party hosts.

Q: What inspires you and your shop?
A: My 2 young children provide plenty of inspiration for many of the children's party themes that I feature. I'm also inspired by my customers who ask for special requests. I'm excited to make more items for bridal and baby showers and would love some suggestions for possible themes. Thanks!
I hope you enjoyed that post! Here are coupon codes for Joanna's shop: PARTY10 for 10% off any purchase and 15FOR100 for 15% off any purchase of $100 or more.

Joanna is giving away a 10-favor party centerpiece in the theme of your choice. Details and entry form are on the Funburst Facebook page
Thanks and have a great day!
Kelly Michelle

Monday, June 3, 2013

Shop of the Week - Torchfire Studio

Today we are spotlighting Cara of Torchfire Studio. The shop features a lot of modern handmade jewelry. I really like the style of this shop. It definitely has a beautifully unique feel to it. The different shapes and textures used makes each piece even more lovely.
Check out some of my faves from Cara's shop!

I love this Triple Hearts Silver Necklace. I like the triple hearts aspect, especially because it is supposed to represent love. family, and friendship. I love it's simplicity as well.

I like this Swiss Blue Topaz Ring. It is such a beautiful blue color, and I love the design of the band as well.

This is a Custom Initial Necklace. I like the font, style, and simplicity of this necklace.

These are Sterling Silver Ruby Earrings. I really like the shape, texture, and color of these earrings. They are so lovely!
Here is an interview with Cara:
How long have you been on the Jenuine BNR Team?
A: I joined the Jenuine BNR in November 2012, so about six months!

Q: Give a description of your shop.
A: TorchFire Studio is home to a handmade line of modern jewelry created using traditional metalsmithing techniques and quality elements. I like to offer items in a mix of metals – gold, silver and copper – in addition to gemstones and other natural elements. I stock my shop with items in a variety of price points because I believe that everybody needs something shiny!

Q: How did your shop have its start?
A: TorchFire Studio was born out of my desire to create something lovely. I had long dreamed of having a creative skill that I could share with others and leverage into some earnings. I never thought it would happen for me, until one day I thought, “Why not?”
I decided on that day I wanted to make jewelry and so began learning everything I could about the process. Some months later, I deemed my creations marketable and opened up shop on Etsy. Still less than a year old, my shop helps me learn something new about handmade business every day!

Q: What inspires you and your shop?
A: I am certainly inspired by classic, minimalist design. Simple, clean lines never go out of style, and any piece of jewelry that you absolutely love is timeless. That is truly the goal of my shop: to offer a line of quality items that you love to wear every day and will stand the test of time (and trends!).
I am encouraged and inspired by the idea that I can spend several hours crafting a ring that the buyer may wear for years. This is especially true of my wedding ring sets. How amazing is it that those wonderful people chose to make my rings the very symbol of their commitment on their wedding day? It’s really just so, so cool. And finally, as always I will be inspired by the urge to keep learning and keep creating beautiful things. I will keep two words foremost in my mind -- “Why not?”
Hope you enjoyed Cara of Torchfire Studio sharing about her shop.
Have a great day!
Kelly Michelle

June Birthdays

Team Jenuine would like to wish the following members a very "Happy Birthday" this month!

1: FarmGirlDesign, StoneyCreekKnitters
4: PhoenixEchoCreations
5: Gualtiem, JasminesAttic
8: Hugsnsprinklesgifts1
9: Nailsbylaura
13: Nallerysgallery
17: Sandyspaintinplace
18: Pandiaccessories
23: fabricstashcreations
27: CrownedPeacock, TahoeSnowBunny
30: GemsByJennie

Monday, May 20, 2013

Shop of the Week - AmbersAromas4U

Today we are spotlighting Amber of AmbersAromas4U. Her shop has a lot of scent-filled items, such as candles, wax melts, and samplers. She has over 100 different scents, which makes it even better! I also love the variety of scents, from cinnamon bun to fresh rain. Check out this interview with Amber:
Q: How long have you been on the Jenuine BNR Team?
A: I believe I joined in the last 3-6 months.

Q: Give a description of your shop.
A: My shop sells highly scented, hand poured candles, wickless candle tarts, hand painted tart warmers and note cards.

Q: How did your shop have it's start?
A: I started making candles when I found myself laid off and only working part time as a way to still be able to enjoy high quality candles without spending a ton of money. I quickly realized how much I enjoyed making candles. I was always wanting to try new scents so the candles started to line all the shelves and surfaces in my office. That is when I decided to sell them online so that others could enjoy high quality candles for an inexpensive price and it would also make room for all the new scents that I wanted to try. So it was a win - win situation. My husband helped me convert one of our spare bedrooms into a studio and I tried a few different venues that I didn't care for before I discovered Etsy. I loved the community and the site, so I decided this is where I would call home and opened my shop on Etsy.

Q: What inspires you and your shop?
A: I find inspiration everywhere. Standing in line at the bakery, working in the garden, cooking in my kitchen. Any time my nose gets a whiff of something lovely, my mind immediately goes to can I recreate this scent in a candle. I love the way a scent can evoke wonderful memories. Like our pumpkin pie scent that always makes me think of Thanksgiving with my family and our pink magnolia scent makes me think of my grandmother and how she loved when the magnolia trees were in bloom.
Here are some featured items from Amber's shop.

This is: A Set of 6 Pink Sugar Scented Candle Tarts Wax Melts 6oz. I can just imagine how good this smells. Anything sweet would be great for a candle scent. I especially love the pink aspect to it. All her tarts have premium waxes and high quality fragrances. Though this is a great picture, the actual tart is shaped differently, which you can check out in the listing.

This is: A Set of 6 Rosemary Scented Candle Tarts Wax Melts 6 oz. Along with the sweet scents, she also has some nature scents. I love the different kinds of scents Amber has. There are so many scents to choose from, and all have their own unique scent.

This item is : Hand Poured Fruit Scented Candle 4 oz. Amber has some items, like this one, where it is a category of scents. There are also "Floral Scents", "Food Scents", and more. I like this because it makes it easier to choose what type of scent or scents you want. This is a great aspect to her shop.

For this last photo, I also wanted to show you the actual shape of her tarts. Not only are there many scents, but also a lot of different colors for the tarts. Not only do you have the fresh scents, but you can add a lot of color to your home as well.
I hope you enjoyed getting to know Amber and her shop AmbersAromas4U. Don't forget to check out her shop!
Until next time..
Kelly Michelle