Monday, June 3, 2013

Shop of the Week - Torchfire Studio

Today we are spotlighting Cara of Torchfire Studio. The shop features a lot of modern handmade jewelry. I really like the style of this shop. It definitely has a beautifully unique feel to it. The different shapes and textures used makes each piece even more lovely.
Check out some of my faves from Cara's shop!

I love this Triple Hearts Silver Necklace. I like the triple hearts aspect, especially because it is supposed to represent love. family, and friendship. I love it's simplicity as well.

I like this Swiss Blue Topaz Ring. It is such a beautiful blue color, and I love the design of the band as well.

This is a Custom Initial Necklace. I like the font, style, and simplicity of this necklace.

These are Sterling Silver Ruby Earrings. I really like the shape, texture, and color of these earrings. They are so lovely!
Here is an interview with Cara:
How long have you been on the Jenuine BNR Team?
A: I joined the Jenuine BNR in November 2012, so about six months!

Q: Give a description of your shop.
A: TorchFire Studio is home to a handmade line of modern jewelry created using traditional metalsmithing techniques and quality elements. I like to offer items in a mix of metals – gold, silver and copper – in addition to gemstones and other natural elements. I stock my shop with items in a variety of price points because I believe that everybody needs something shiny!

Q: How did your shop have its start?
A: TorchFire Studio was born out of my desire to create something lovely. I had long dreamed of having a creative skill that I could share with others and leverage into some earnings. I never thought it would happen for me, until one day I thought, “Why not?”
I decided on that day I wanted to make jewelry and so began learning everything I could about the process. Some months later, I deemed my creations marketable and opened up shop on Etsy. Still less than a year old, my shop helps me learn something new about handmade business every day!

Q: What inspires you and your shop?
A: I am certainly inspired by classic, minimalist design. Simple, clean lines never go out of style, and any piece of jewelry that you absolutely love is timeless. That is truly the goal of my shop: to offer a line of quality items that you love to wear every day and will stand the test of time (and trends!).
I am encouraged and inspired by the idea that I can spend several hours crafting a ring that the buyer may wear for years. This is especially true of my wedding ring sets. How amazing is it that those wonderful people chose to make my rings the very symbol of their commitment on their wedding day? It’s really just so, so cool. And finally, as always I will be inspired by the urge to keep learning and keep creating beautiful things. I will keep two words foremost in my mind -- “Why not?”
Hope you enjoyed Cara of Torchfire Studio sharing about her shop.
Have a great day!
Kelly Michelle

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