Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shop of the Week - WowWeeCreations

Today I bring to you another awesome shop called WowWeeCreations run by Ken and Donna. This shop carries great variety. It has a lot of wooden items, but also has crocheted items, and even jewelry! Definitely a unique and lovely shop. Check out my fave items from the shop!

I really like this "LOVE" wooden plaque! This shop definitely specializes in wooden items, but this one definitely caught my eye. Not only because of the LOVE written on it, but because of the beautiful design that surrounds it. Great item!

This necklace is definitely unique in a lovely way. It has a gem pendant, which is gorgeous, but it also has a wooden backing. I love that!

This dog is SO cute! I told you they had variety! This is one of the crocheted items featured in this shop. I also love the color on this dog.

I wanted to pick another wooden item, so here is a hearts coaster set. I not only love this design, but wooden coasters... how neat is that? And don't worry, they are waterproof. That makes it even better, and a lot more functional.
So want to know more about this great shop? Check out the interview:
Q: How long have you been on the Jenuine BNR Team?
A:We have been on the Jenuine BNR TEAM since Feb. 2013.

 Q: Give a description of your shop.
A: Our shop sells handmade unique wooden home decor items such as birchbark wooden baskets, bowls, trinket boxes, coasters, and pyrographed ornaments. We also have crochet hats, cowls, soap cozies, amigurimi toys, as well as some glass arrowhead and wooden jewelry. We enjoy the variety of making things.

Q: How did your shop have it's start?
A: First of all, Ken made birch bark items that sold in some of the tourist shops in Fairbanks Alaska, where we lived. Then he made some baskets for weddings and even a funeral. Donna loved making crochet items for family and friends and charity, but wanted a way to sell her items too. We moved to Idaho and sold some things at craft fairs but discovered Etsy, and that's how we started our store-WowWeeCreations.

Q: What inspires you and your shop?
 A:What inspires us are geometric shapes, nature, art, museums, old artifacts, magazines, and fiber art photos. 
Don't forget to check out WowWeeCreations!
Kelly Michelle

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