Monday, May 6, 2013

Our First Shop of the Week! BizyBelle

Today we are spotlighting Shelle from BizyBelle. She sells children's clothing and accessories in bright and cheery colors! The patterns and style of her items are gorgeous. They look perfect for any little one to wear. I love how Shelle is also a mom, so she has a lot of know how as to what would work well for what she creates. Please check out her shop.
Shelle's Facebook:
Coupon code: SPRING10 for 10% OFF
Here are some featured items from Shelle's shop: Enjoy!
1. Cotton Candy Collection: Adorable Girls Lace n' Flowered Gift Set with a Hand-dyed Onesie, Leg Warmers, and Flowered Headband

Isn't this SO adorable? I love the purple! Check this item out here.

2.  BizyBelle's most popular item: Set of 3 Pairs of Cute Waterproof, Cloth Training Pants.

These are so useful and come in lovely patterns! Plus they are eco-friendly! Check it out here.
3. Custom Designed Burp Cloths (other color options available)

I love how these are custom designed. Nice! Check them out here.
4.  My favorite little bag: Waterproof Chevron Wet Bag (Available in other sizes and colors)

This is so cute! Great for any mom on the go. :) Check it out here.
Now let's get to know Shelle and her shop a little bit more. Here are some questions she answered for us:
Q: How long have you been on the Jenuine BNR Team?
 A: I believe it has been the past 6-9 months :) I really have enjoyed Jenuine BNR Team as everyone is helpful, supportive, and kind.

Q: Give a description of your shop.
A: BizyBelle is a Children's Clothing and Accessory Company. I make fun, cute, and comfortable items as I design from a Mom's point of view.

Q: How did your shop have it's start?
A: BizyBelle began simply out of a Mother's love. I enjoyed creating for my own child so much that I began doing it for other people. I was up late one night sewing for a friend and thought, "I want to do this all the time!". The next day, I launched my store.

 Q: What inspires you and your shop?
A: My main source of inspiration is my daughter... she is my BizyBelle. She is brillant, funny, beautiful, and spunky... everything that I could ever want! She is the reason behind why I create and what I create. I design as a Mom first... We as parents want cute products that are unique, comfortable, and are truly functional. I am inspired by my clients and their children, I get SO excited with each order that I make. I am just thankful for my amazing customers who allow me to create for their sweet little ones! 
Hope you enjoyed learning about Shelle of BizyBelle!
Until next time ...
Kelly Michelle


  1. beautiful shop, bizybelle!

    1. Thank you so much! Please, let me know if I can ever create something for you : )

  2. Thank you for the feature and for all the sweet things you said in the blog! I really love what I do!